[Notice] Cancellation of Russian Card Transactions Not Possible

Apr 7, 2022

Hello, we're Mwave.

The recent Russia-Ukraine dispute has caused global card brand companies to reject cancellation requests for transactions paid with Russian cards.
In the case of these transactions, it may look like it has been successfully cancelled on Mwave's PG, Eximbay system, when actually, it has been rejected causing confusion among users.
Therefore, we would like to inform you that Eximbay will reject requests for cancellation of transactions with Russian cards starting from April 5th.

- Unable to cancel payment transactions with Russian card : starting from 2:30 PM on April 5 until further notice

In the case of transactions from Russia after the date, if you request for a cancellation, it will be rejected with the code shown below, so please for any related inquiries, contact the card company that issued your card.

- Reject Code: E401 or RC03

We will inform you again when the system is normalized in the future.

Thank you.
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