Information on the revised Privacy Policy

Oct 25, 2021

Thank you for your continued love and support towards Mwave.

We would like to inform you that the personal information processing policy has been revised since 11 02, 2021.

[Privacy Policy Category]
Category Revised Content
2. Personal information items collected and the purpose of collection and use of personal information Clarification of the purpose of collection/use and modification on the items for optional consent

1) (Mandatory) Membership Registration and Use of Service

- Revision on purpose of collection/use
Membership registration, use of Mwave service, participation in MAMA voting, use of product purchase service, delivery of service related notices, prevention of illegal and unauthorized use from defective members, service related inquiries and civil complaints, statistical analysis and research for service improvement and development on optimization

3) (Optional) Participation in events and sit in audience

- Revision on collected items
Name, mobile phone number, email adress, social account, nickname, IP address and application information and applicant information for events/sit-in audience
※Various personal information is collected depending on the environment and situation around the event/sit-in audience. We collect minimal personal information and destory it when we achieve the purpose of use after processing it safely.
4. Installation, operation, rejection of automatic personal information collection devices Modifiying wrong expressions

- Delete ‘(Example)’
8. Consignment of personal information processing Addition of consignment company for personal information processing

- Name of company : Samil PricewaterhouseCoopers
- Purpose of consignment : review MAMA voting and judging system, performance of accumulation of votes and results of evaluation

- Effective date of personal information processing policy : 11 02, 2021

For more information, please check out view more of personal information processing policy.
If you have any questions or valuable opinions, please contact customer service at any time.
Thank you.
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