[Notice] Re-announcement regarding the delay in delivery of KCON 2022 Premiere Signed OFFICIAL MD.

Jul 6, 2022

Hello, this is Mwave.

We announced on June 23rd that we will pre-deliver products that can be supplied first because the supply and demand of KCON 2022 Premiere SIGNED OFFICIAL MD products are difficult.
However, there is a systematic difficulty in delivering products registered in PACKAGE form by dividing them, so we are planning to ship them sequentially in one package from the end of July along with "VOICE KEYRING" products when its back in stock.

We are very sorry for the second delay in the shipping schedule that was already announced earlier.
It'll be hard to satisfy the hearts of our long-awaited customers, but we would like to offer you for the delay with a coupon for a certain amount of money.

- Place of Use: KCON Official MD Official Store Everline Shop (https://www.everlineshop.com)
(Coupon inserted in MD package)

Once again, we would like to deeply apologize to our customers for the delay in delivery and ask for your understanding.

We will continue to check methods for a fast delivery so that it can be delivered to you as soon as possible.

Thank you.
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